Update - July 26, 2019

Jul 26 '19 | By David Orwig


if you're new here... please take a moment to read the following. Also... if you're a long-standing member... Jesus, dude... have a seat!! You'll pull a muscle if you don't take a load off, soon!!

Plex Server Sharing Information - Everything that you need to know about sharing your server, being added to the Server Share List and getting your account upgraded in order to view the list and unlock other features... is available to you on the "Home" page. To access this... click on the "Home" link in the main menu located above.  The reason I am stating the obvious is: you would be utterly surprised how many private messages I get asking me "How do I see the list... how do I get added to the list... what information do you need..." etc etc yada yada yada.  So it comes down to this... and I don't mean this disrespectfully... you're all intelligent people... all of you know how to read and follow basic instructions when they're staring back at you and practically leaping off of the page.  So... anyone that sends me email or private messages asking these questions... are going to be ignored from now on. I don't mean to be a dick, y'all. But I no longer have the time to hand-hold and baby people who don't feel like reading simple, basic, easy-to-find instructions. 

Groups - If you're going to join them... then kindly participate. If you just come here to grab a Plex Share List and then bolt out the door... that's kind of rude.  Take a moment to talk to others on the site, especially if you're shooting them a share request.  If I see that you haven't bothered to make a post within 90 days.... I'm going to cut Plex List access off and downgrade your account. I can't keep bloating my member database with lurkers. It's not practical and it's not benefiting anyone.  Enjoy the site, but please don't eat all the free donuts and then run off to Facebook.

Sorry for the crackdown.  But something's gotta give and I think our Plex sharing friends deserve more respect than this.

That's all for now.



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