Update - November 23, 2019

Nov 23 '19 | By David Orwig

Welcome, and Happy Holidays!

There's a few new features to talk about today. I'll be brief. Maybe. Or not.

Live Chat - Added by request, we now have a Live Chat feature with chat rooms, available via a tab on the very top of every page, next to the main menu.  There are a few rules to follow:

1. Upload/Download File options are enabled, with larger file sizes permitted in the "Plex Chat" and the "Television & Movies"*  chat rooms, respectively.  *Please note that "Television & Movies" chat room is password protected. If you want access, shoot me a PM on this site... and I'll hit you up with the password, which will change, monthly.

2. Acceptable Files: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, zip, mp3, mp4, mkv. All filenames will be encrypted on the fly.

3. All chat conversations and file uploads/downloads and any related information will be deleted every 24 hours. No backups will be maintained. Please note all the shit I'm not saying to you about what you can share. With one exception: No Porn. Ever!

Home Page Updates - It seems to be a holiday tradition, because if memory serves, for 3 years running, we've pushed some design features and other redesign elements out every year in November.  This year is no exception. The goal, really, is to simplify things for our members.

Plex Center - We've added a handy dropdown menu feature called the "Plex Center". Everything associated with Plex going on within the site is located there for easy access.

Plex Server Sharing Information - Everything that you need to know about sharing your server, being added to the Server Share List and getting your account upgraded in order to view the list and unlock other features... is available to you on the "Home" page. To access this... click on the "Home" link in the main menu located above.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!



Donna Hines
Donna Hines All good, but my group has gone!!
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