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    Isolation - John & Sean Lennon

    Dec 22 '20 | By David Orwig

    So, I've been editing and working on some Beatles restoration tracks again... and I had this thought yesterday evening: What if we took Sean, shoved him in a time machine that was shaped like a banana (for added effect)... warped him BACK to October 9th, 1970 (their birthdays!) and told him he could sit in with his dad, Ringo and Klaus for the recording session of "Isolation"?  So, due to the fact that I didn't take my lithium AND I happened to have a recording of Sean singing and playing the song last October on late night TV, AND had some multitracks of the actual JOHN session... I decided to spend the night and most of today mixing them together... so that Sean could finally sing and play with his dad for all of us to hear during this season where families should be reunited. So lets have a listen to John and Sean on vocals, while Ringo keeps a solid beat, Klaus has his day on the bass, with John playing the piano and his son accompanies him on guitar.



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