News & Updates - January 20, 2019

Jan 20 '19 | By David Orwig

It's been some time since our last website update... and I want to keep this one brief.  There's been some changes with regard to how the site will be run... which also means we're going to be adding back some features that disappeared several months ago.  The first change is that Kelly, due to her schedule with her new job and her responsibilities as a single mommy of two... has decided to step away from being an admin, effective today.  She is still very much an active member here and an awesome lady. If you see her around, please take the time to thank her for the last 6 years of maintaining the Plex list, fixing glitches and dealing with you bozo's when the occasional issue had arisen. Again, if you're friends with her here... rest assured... she's still around often.

The second thing I want to bring up is the Plex Server Share List.  Yes, we discontinued it back in November. Yes, several of us were (and still are) rather pissed off at the direction Plex has chosen to take its software... we think it is a huge mistake... but you can read more about that in my blog, no need to get into details here.  However, in light of some recent developments, the fact that I now have infinitely more time to spend on the project, and quite a few complaints from members that the Plex list was removed... we're putting the list back online and we're going to be continuing the project. 

So what's changed?   Well, for starters, the Plex group is now gone.... we've moved all the members over to a new group, simply entitled "CordCutters".  The reason behind this is fairly obvious... there wasn't a lot of participation in the Plex group... and more people seem to want to discuss cord cutting in broader terms, with Plex being a part of that discussion, rather than the only part of it.  When this was brought to my attention, it sounded perfectly reasonable and logical, and so I decided to implement this plan instead of strictly pushing Plex.

Sharon is still here... and since I married the woman, she's sorta stuck with me, and by proxy... y'all as well. So she will be continuing to admin the site as time permits for her. 

Happy Belated New Year to everyone... and we look forward to annoying you for many more years to come. 

Peace, Love, Chicken Nuggets,



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