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    A Tale Of Two Realities...

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    Aug 9 '21 | By David Orwig | Views: 159 | Comments: 0
    A Tale Of Two Realities...

    It only took the CDC MONTHS to determine  what a lot of us said from the onset... that vaccinated people STILL CARRY and TRANSMIT COVID....and, golly, gee... maybe EVERYONE should be wearing a mask, regardless of vaccination status.  Now... if some of us said this MONTHS ago... and we're not rocket scientists by any means... then I ask you... who in the FUCK is running this "Captain Obvious" Shit-Show? 3 months too late, they announce MORE confusing, more unnecessarily complex guidelines ("mask up, regardless... in hot spots and some other areas, but it's okay in others, unless it's a Sunday during a full moon whilst wearing purple, but only if you're still breathing, or dead, but not officially pronounced as such, except in instances where you're 6 feet apart, 3 feet if you're in school... unless you own a Yeti or a descendent of a verified Yeti, but only if it speaks French...").  This is bullshit. MASK UP... no matter what.  Think that's stupid?  We were beating this thing until YOU relaxed, got cocky, and started going out as your states lifted restrictions.  HUMANS are doomed because the HUMAN race is easily the most fucking STUPID race in the galaxy.
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