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    COVID Babies and "My Rights"

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    Aug 30 '21 | By David Orwig | Views: 174 | Comments: 0
    COVID Babies and

    The week ending August 19 saw more than 180,000 cases of COVID in children. Let that sink in. More than 180,000 children diagnosed last week. And my Republican friends (you know who you are) are screaming about their rights to NOT mask up and overjoyed because "at least our children are back where they belong IN SCHOOL, with their peers....". <smh>.  You people are too fucking stupid to reproduce.  I hear you loud and clear when you claim that vaccinations and masks are a matter of "personal choice".  "Personal choice" ends in your driveway, douchecakes.... Personal choice ends when it starts killing my babies. Fuck your rights. I'll bet you're the same people who whine about women having abortions... and the rights of those innocent babies in the womb, right? I would agree with you... except, you don't even give a shit about the ones who are BORN... let alone the pregnant mommy who croaks because "you have a right to not be vaccinated"... and "you have the right to not send your children to school wearing masks".  Yeah... you're a fucking hypocrite.  Join a right-wing commune... kill yourselves with your personal choices. Just stay the fuck away from me and mine.

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