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8/2/18 – No More Facebook Login…

As of August 2nd,  I’ve removed all links in the community associating us with Facebook, including the “Log In Via Facebook” feature.  After months of exploring their newest API and considering options regarding how I feel about Facebook, in general (a very careless monopoly, but that’s another discussion for another time), I simply do not wish for the community to be associated with other social networks… and specifically Facebook.  New users will have to go through the sign-up process rather than click on the big “F” button.  Sorry if that bugs you.  Okay… I’m really not sorry…

Welcome To David’s World Online

Welcome to David’s World Online! We’ve been around for 13 years… and we’re planning on many more! When we started out in 2005, we were a modest, little place where family and friends could gather, plan events, talk privately, and maybe play an arcade game or two. Today… we’ve evolved into a modest, little place where family and friends could gather, plan events, talk privately, and maybe play an arcade game or two. LOL

As a web developer, I’ve committed cardinal sins within this site.  There’s no concrete way to merge all of my interests into one site.  The so-called experts say websites should remain “focused” on one thing… don’t mix topics like “Stargazing” with “Breeding Goldfish”; you’ll lose your audience or leave them confused.  I make no apologies for being diverse.  This site is about everything I love.  Rescuing old radio broadcasts, digging 80’s music, Plex servers, old tech, vintage media, and the most techo-geeky things you could possibly imagine… they’re all here.

The truth is… while the CMS platforms that we’ve used over the years (SMF, Elgg, WordPress, Oxwall, etc.) have changed, the concept behind why we are here has remained the same as it was all those years ago. It probably won’t waiver much from that theme. If you are here, it’s because you’ve been invited and I consider you a friend or closer. This is not elite-ism… it’s just that I want this social network to reflect a calm place where people may gather to just be real, not look over their shoulders like on those other sites (Ummm… yeah, oblique reference to Facebook..deal with it.. it’s corporate, ad-guzzling insanity and I hate it).

This is also the home of my blog… which is sort of a painfully honest glimpse into my world.. just me, basically trying to make some lucid sense of it all as I go through my day.

And you’ll also find that I am an opinionated bastard.  You’re welcome to be one as well… I’ve no issues with it, and in fact I respect it, greatly, even if we don’t agree.

The site is maintained by myself, but also some amazing people who handle it when I’m not available:  Kelly, Sharon, Debra… the “Tech Queens” who keep me motivated.

The Shelf Life of a website is generally 5 years, unless you’re CNN.com or some multi conglomerate with a rich hand in every pot.  Well, we’ve seen our share of activity and lulls… followed by renewed interest.. and I’m assuming we will continue with that trend.  I don’t mind, either… because the person I do this site for, primarily, is me… and of course, the people I consider to be family.

So… Join a group… create your own… read my blog… make friends with my friends or the friends of my friends’ friends… whatever. Post things on your timeline that you wouldn’t be caught dead posting elsewhere on the Internet… do some crazy shit…Lord knows my family and I do. Which brings me to my next point… while you are here… you’re family, too.

Thanks for being here. We’re happy you’ve found us!

DFW Radio has been online since 2001, and we've been happy to bring you the sounds of your generation for...well... a whole generation, now. While you're here, feel free to tune in, drop us a request, or give us some feedback.

Don't forget to visit our main site at www.dfwradio.net!

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“What the Hell Have You Done To The Site”?

Welcome to DavidsWorldOnline.com.  Everything that you dig about the site is still here… but there have been and will continue to be some important changes… so I suppose I owe my 3 loyal visitors an explanation.  Fine.  Here it is:

I have a lot of interests.  I have a lot of things that I do… and think about… that never gets seen.  When I first did the Plex Server Share List… I was thrilled with the response… and I still am… but to be real… I don’t want to pay for private servers on a monthly basis in order to edit lists for people who only visit once a month at best.  Sorry… but it’s the truth, y’all.  I’m also a little annoyed that when I posted blogs on the community (that, oh yeahhh… I built and pay for!) …people had the gull to complain that my own site is no place for my politics.  Are you fucking kidding me??  Watch this:  Screw Trump and Screw You, Too!  See!!?? <Mic Drop!>  You know why I can say that?  Because the site says “David’s World Online”…. not “I’m A Republican Racist Asshole” dot com.

I’m also a recording engineer, a recovering Catholic, fat, old, grumpy, opinionated, have maneuvered through Aspergers, depression, PTSD, Parental Alienation and a shit-ton of other things that I wouldn’t mind talking about.  I’m a father, a Beatles fan, a husband… a cat lover…. a foodie… a broadcast engineer/deejay, and a lot of other things that make me who I am today.

To further drive my point home….the idea that I cannot talk about these things….the idea that I have to be cornered into talking about web development and Plex lists all day… just depresses me and pisses me off.  So I’ve decided to make some changes to allow me the freedom to be who I am, and to share those things with all my fans (3 of them as of last week!).  Oh, and for the record… I still love Plex… I still love web development and I still maintain those sections of the site, gladly.  But I want more.  If you’re offended at my approach… or disturbed by my politics… please allow me to not give two royal fucks… and to show you to the nearest exit.  Bring a parachute before you jump.  Thanks!

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7:00am - The Morning Show (With David)
10:00am - 80's By Request
12:00pm - Retro Oasis - The Best Of The 70's (With Sharon)
3:00pm - HitMix - The Best Of The 70's & 80's
8:00pm - Simply 80's (With David)
12:00am - 80's After Dark
Retro Saturday

7:00am - The Morning Show (With David)
9:00am - David's RetroDiner
12:00pm -Sharon's Country Harvest - Hit Country from the 80's & 90's
3:00pm - HitMix - The Best Of The 70's & 80's
8:00pm - Simply 80's (With David)

Beatlefest Sunday

7:00am - Beatle Breakfast - John, Paul, George & Ringo serve up a feast of classic Beatles tracks
12:00pm - Fantasy BBC Sessions - The Beatles take requests all afternoon... from their legendary BBC sessions.
6:00pm - Beatles Sunday Night - All The Hits
12:00am - 80's After Dark


The Plex Server Share List will no longer be maintained and, sadly, will be removed as of 11/2/2018. I have enjoyed the project since 2011 but I am moving on from Plex and pursuing other options at this time. Thank you for participating.