The Sims 2 Preservation Society

The Sims 2 Preservation Society

The Sims 2 was the first "Virtual Life" game to ever offer us endless possibilities in design, neighborhood terrain, sim structure and appearance. There has been no sequel quite like it... and no competition that has ever come close to matching this incredible game. It headed into its sunset years many years ago, and is now slipping beyond EOL into the world of classic gaming. The purpose of the group is to assure the preservation of the game, improvements and bug fixes, modernization of style, look and functionality. Other goals are more complex and even more essential: just keeping the game running on modern machines with newer operating systems and graphic cards. Collecting CC and objects from now-defunct websites and building a cohesive file base is also of major importance. So, please join us.


David Orwig Admin
Donna Hines
Kelly Lassiter Plex Servers
Charme Cassidy


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