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    David's Blog

    David Orwig Admin
    My Republican friends: "Ooohhh... my rights!! My right to free speech!! My right to gather in protest!! My RIGHTS!! THIS IS CENSORSHIP!!! YOU BASTARD DEMOCRATS!!!! THIS IS ANTI-AMERICAN!!!!!" - Oh fuck offfff..... you wanna know what's "anti-American"? Using your "Freedom of speech" to pi... more
    David Orwig Admin
    Since 2001 we've been doing this ... thing. After all this time I still don't know what to call it... my hobby... a "passion"... a second career, maybe? It sort of feels like all three, except, as a career... it's certainly cost more that it's earned. I know this because it hasn't earned a dime.... more
    David Orwig Dec 29 '20
    David Orwig Admin
    Facebook asks me the question every day: "What's on your mind?". Usually... very little. I'm not as deep as I appear... I just put words together well. There's not a lot of fanfare for my real thoughts, which usually have very little to do with any grand cosmic revelations, as if I could even fathom... more
    David Orwig Dec 11 '20
    David Orwig Admin
    With December upon us, it's occurred to me that we've been doing this shit for roughly 9 months. If COVID was a baby, I'd be stuck changing it's diapers by now. In all fairness... a true quarantine really hasn't been possible. A man has to go out to grab milk and bread and sometimes even come into... more
    David Orwig Dec 7 '20
    David Orwig Admin
    It's personal. Anybody who says it's not personal, has nothing left to lose and are so defeated they can't stand up for something better. You're lying to yourself and to generations of Americans if you say there's no point. If apathy is the only multi-syllable word you know... then try "revolution"... more
    David Orwig Aug 11 '20

    In The Studio

    David Orwig Admin
    So, I've been editing and working on some Beatles ... more
    David Orwig Dec 22 '20
    David Orwig Admin
    B&W Intermission Reel #3 - De-clicked, De-... more
    David Orwig Dec 3 '20
    David Orwig Admin
    MTV Music Television Restorat ion/Recreation. ... more
    David Orwig Dec 2 '20
    David Orwig Admin
    Vintage MTV Restoration. Enjoy!
    David Orwig Dec 2 '20
    David Orwig Admin
    Some restored reels from the 50's and 60's. Audio ... more
    David Orwig Nov 29 '20

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