Well… it has the appearance of an army barracks, and, inside, it rather looks like a small dorm… the kitchen was designed by a midget… but for now, it’s home.  There’s a spare bedroom that will be, in part, a small studio… but for now, all my projects are being done via the dining room table.  We’re still waiting for things like furniture, and still wading through boxes to find bare essentials, in spite of being here a month already. I did manage to get DFW back up and running as well as all the other servers… but I’m not looking forward to moving them again in less than a year. A temporary home is still a home… right?

Winter didn’t want to end this year. 72 degrees one day… freezing the next. It’s not doing any good for our health. 

I have three projects happening all at once at the moment. The first one is Stereo Upmixes (DESS) for the Buddy Holly Hybrid Mix project.  The second is the Beatles BBC Sessions in the same DESS Stereo format.  The final project is the Zombies Odessey and Oracle remix, which it has desperately needed for a very long time.  Once all of these are completed (probably late April/early May) I’ve decided to step away from the mixing console for a while and just… relax. 

Here’s hoping you are all doing well. 


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