The biggest challenge of these two songs was “She Loves You”. I wasn’t just determined to get a decent stereo remix of the song, I was also absolutely obsessed with patching all the bad splices and edits that are in every single master copy of the tape currently available. The version you are listening to now (hopefully) is Revision 7… meaning the previous six attempt at patching, remixing and equalizing the STEM tracks weren’t acceptable, still, some are still floating around cyberspace, so if you hear them or, worse, downloaded them… grab this copy instead and I think you’ll be a happier human, cat or goat.

“I’ll Get You” was Revision 2…. but actually it was a total remake, since I scrapped the first attempt. I think the only person who has a copy of that is my friend Shelley Di Capri, and thankfully she understands when we have bad days in the studio. I tried to keep these mixes subtle, with no hard-panning and with a little of the original ambiance of Abbey Road mixed back in.


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