1. Jenny Lee – 2022 Remix
  2. Baby Talk – 2022 Remix
  3. Ride The Wild Surf (2022 Remix – Revision 2)
  4. Barbara Ann (2022 Remix – Take 7)

This is the first set of Jan & Dean remixes that will, eventually, span their career from 1958 until April, 1966, the month of Jan’s horrific car accident. Utilizing AI technology and STEM Separation techniques, the individual tracks (drums, guitars, piano, vocals) were very carefully re-equalized and mixed into the final tracks that you are hearing here for the first time. Of this set, “Baby Talk” was the most difficult to remix and clean up, the master tape being somewhat mangled and littered with drop-off’s. However, the sound has been cleaned up as much as possible with the technology we have today. “Jenny Lee” was one of the many in their catalog that was originally what I call a “Vocal Closet” mix… that is, a mix with the vocals harshly panned to the right side while all other instruments hard-panned to the left side. This was, no doubt, the result of limited tracks in the studios (twin track was more popular in the UK, while 3-track machines started emerging in the US. Eventually, everyone adopted the 4 track, but that was still several years away and still severely limiting, in terms of how one could achieve a final mixdown. “Ride The Wild Surf” was, indeed, remixed several years ago, and quite beautifully, I might add. The only thing that always bothered me about that remix was how the main instruments were all sitting at 12 o’ clock with no separation. Jan Berry was incredible in the studio… his arrangements were clean and ahead of their time. With this new remix of “Ride The Wild Surf”, you can hear more separation of the instruments, the distinct sound of that rhythm guitar and the incredible full drum track. “Barbara Ann” was another “Vocal Closet” mix with the vocals and instruments “hard-panned” to the left and the right, respectively. Now the vocals are centered with instruments all around them and beautifully re-woven into the track from all sides.

More to come!

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