Most of you who frequent this site know that, way back in 2011, I started something called the “Holly Hybrid Project”… which began as a simple, small volume of Buddy Holly recordings that had either not survived the years (deteriorating masters, poorly stored, etc.)… or had been, initially, overdubbed or produced posthumously in a sonically poor way.  This lead to another volume, and then another, until I finally put the project to rest in August of 2014.  With modern technology, and the ability to remix and up-mix mono tracks into pure stereo via AI technology and decent mixing techniques, the Holly Hybrid Project has been revived. So, if you’re wondering what I’ve been doing since April of this year, I’ve been all about separating instruments and de-mixing Buddy’s catalog, re-equalizing each separated instrument individually, and finally remixing the tracks you’re listening to here… into stereo, most for the first time. To take care of the obvious questions:

  1.  Yes, there will be a “Volume 2”
  2.  Yes, there will be revisions to some tracks as we go, they will also be made available via download as soon as they’re finished.
  3.  Yes, there are other people mixing these tracks, and some are fantastic. There are also some that you can find for sale that are, frankly, not worth the purchase price. My goal is to keep my tracks as clean as possible with the available technology of the moment.
  4.  No, these are not for sale. Just download them.
  5.  No, I will not be making these available on any other media format (LP, CD, CASSETTE, Carrier Pidgeon, whatever).




  1.  Modern Don Juan
  2.  Rock Around With Ollie Vee
  3.  Girl On My Mind
  4.  That’ll Be The Day
  5.  Send Me Some Lovin’
  6.  Not Fade Away
  7.  Rock-A-Bye Rock
  8.  Now We’re One
  9.  Wishing
  10.  Little Baby
  11.  You’re So Square (I Don’t Care)
  12.  Take Your Time
  13.  Look At Me
  14.  You’ve Got love
  15.  Lonesome Tears
  16.  Well…All Right
  17.  Listen To Me
  18.  Maybe Baby
  19.  Words Of Love
  20.  I’m Lookin’ For Someone To Love
  21.  Love Is Strange
  22.  Slippin’ And Slidin’
  23.  Crying, Waiting, Hoping
  24.  Peggy Sue Got Married

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